Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Mon, 30-Mar-2020 9:35am PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
2 mi SW of San Ardo, CA 2.1 000262163 mi 1585561047Mon, 30-Mar-2020 2:37am PDT map
9 mi SSW of Tehachapi, CA 2.5 00009962 mi 1585532534Sun, 29-Mar-2020 6:42pm PDT map
4 mi ENE of Yucaipa, CA 2.4 000190118 mi 1585469058Sun, 29-Mar-2020 1:04am PDT map
11 mi WSW of Johannesburg, CA 2.2 000165103 mi 1585453596Sat, 28-Mar-2020 8:46pm PDT map
19 mi W of La Jolla, CA 2.3 000203126 mi 1585396882Sat, 28-Mar-2020 5:01am PDT map
15 mi ESE of Little Lake, CA 2.4 000217135 mi 1585342114Fri, 27-Mar-2020 1:48pm PDT map
4 mi SSE of Shaver Lake, CA 2.1 000315196 mi 1585317339Fri, 27-Mar-2020 6:55am PDT map
8 mi ENE of Ridgecrest, CA 2.0 000209130 mi 1585313142Fri, 27-Mar-2020 5:45am PDT map
7 mi NNE of Ventura, CA 2.0 00002013 mi 1585297095Fri, 27-Mar-2020 1:18am PDT map
21 mi E of Barstow, CA 2.5 000231144 mi 1585273610Thu, 26-Mar-2020 6:46pm PDT map
11 mi W of Searles Valley, CA 2.0 000215134 mi 1585260680Thu, 26-Mar-2020 3:11pm PDT map
10 mi E of Little Lake, CA 2.5 000221137 mi 1585240227Thu, 26-Mar-2020 9:30am PDT map
13 mi N of Ridgecrest, CA 2.0 000216134 mi 1585233203Thu, 26-Mar-2020 7:33am PDT map
13 mi ESE of Little Lake, CA 2.6 000217135 mi 1585228946Thu, 26-Mar-2020 6:22am PDT map
12 mi S of Trona, CA 3.0 000213132 mi 1585210422Thu, 26-Mar-2020 1:13am PDT map
6 mi NE of Coso Junction, CA 2.0 000233145 mi 1585140203Wed, 25-Mar-2020 5:43am PDT map
9 mi SE of Anza, CA 2.0 000243151 mi 1585139578Wed, 25-Mar-2020 5:32am PDT map
4 mi SE of Kettleman City, CA 2.4 000210130 mi 1585133284Wed, 25-Mar-2020 3:48am PDT map
6 mi NE of Coso Junction, CA 2.0 000233145 mi 1585122417Wed, 25-Mar-2020 12:46am PDT map
6 mi NE of Coso Junction, CA 2.9 000233145 mi 1585110591Tue, 24-Mar-2020 9:29pm PDT map
12 mi SE of Santa Cruz Is. (E end), CA 2.6 00005132 mi 1585071927Tue, 24-Mar-2020 10:45am PDT map
13 mi NNW of Ocotillo, CA 2.2 000312194 mi 1585071691Tue, 24-Mar-2020 10:41am PDT map
6 mi NE of Coso Junction, CA 3.0 000233145 mi 1585069269Tue, 24-Mar-2020 10:01am PDT map
10 mi SSE of Lone Pine, CA 2.1 000265165 mi 1585057306Tue, 24-Mar-2020 6:41am PDT map
11 mi SSE of Lone Pine, CA 2.8 000265165 mi 1585057112Tue, 24-Mar-2020 6:38am PDT map
14 mi N of Searles Valley, CA 2.5 000244152 mi 1585056408Tue, 24-Mar-2020 6:26am PDT map
3 mi N of Murrieta, CA 2.1 000182113 mi 1585043264Tue, 24-Mar-2020 2:47am PDT map
13 mi N of Searles Valley, CA 2.0 000244152 mi 1584991642Mon, 23-Mar-2020 12:27pm PDT map

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.